So you’ve found yourself onto this excuse of a blog, probably because i’ve either forced you to or you’re a friend and feel obliged to read it incase i ask you about it when you’re drunk and in which case then you can’t lie. Either way, you’re reading this so thanks.

I have decided to start a blog because of many reasons, first of all quite literally being i am bored af, there are only so many channel five movies i can sit through without feeling like i want to rip my eyes out. Yes, there are plenty of things i could be doing instead of giving this a shot, which could be much more rewarding, (and probably more entertaining for you) but my life very much consists around shit.

Yes, by shit i do literally mean SHIT, much like any other person who suffers with Crohns disease, my stomach rules my life and so writing this blog is the easiest way to have something to do in the day other than vomit or sleep, (and i do a lot of both of them throughout the day!) There are also many other things i want to talk about on this blog that i feel i can only write down as i’m not the kind of person who can have deep and loving conversations with the people closest to me, it makes me feel really cringey, (Sorry mom). Alot of friends and family have urged me to write this blog for that same reason as alot of both tragic and exciting things have happened in the past year that i think whoever reads this may be able to relate to and find comfort from. And especially to Heidi for nagging my lazy arse so much that she finally gave me the inspiration to post this after it sat on my laptop longer than one of my unfinished assignments have.

After spending many a time in a hospital bed wondering how i ended up on this ward which is either more like:

  1. A mental asylum with old women chanting and trying to ‘escape’ back home to feed their cats,(I will probably go into more detail of what i mean here in a separate post, it was an enthralling trip to the hospital, i assure you) or
  2. A room full of Benjamin buttons with incontinent teenagers shitting themselves every five minutes,

a lot of people have told me to get back into writing. Not only to pass the time but to help keep myself sane, and maybe it’ll be something for other people who are always stuck in the house or in bed or hospital with a chronic illness to relate to and entertain through the shit days (Excuse the pun).

So here’s my little space on the internet for my own personal gain, following my seemingly uninteresting life which will probably end up revolving more around my dog, seen as she takes over everything at the moment, and (cringiness alert) being truthful about Crohns Disease, raising awareness of what it actually entails as opposed to just ‘a stomach ache’ and how i live with this invisible illness as i know a lot of lovely people through the IBD Forums who use blogs as a way of putting purpose in a somewhat depressing situation. I have even spoken to a few people before creating a blog on how, despite my dry humour, offensiveness and ability to make a joke and be open about anything in my life, i was fairly worried and nervous about making one, thinking other people would laugh at me and think this was a superficial attempt at trying to ‘be heard.’ But in the end i figured if it helps me deal with what goes on in my life, whether it be personal or something i am quite vocal about anyway then i should fuck everybody else and do it, although my current solution of calling up friends who also love to make poor life decisions and getting drunk is working swimmingly, may i add.

So, with that said, Welcome to my blog! Whether it lasts a day or a month or even a year we’ll see.

Chloe xxx

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Credit to you Chloe, I know shit all (excuse ill timed pun) about chrohns and your daily torment, though I have been told many times I’m full of shit.
    Writing is always a great way of letting your brain breath instead of suffocating by yourself and debating the many dilemmas and arguments an individual will have with themselves. I look forward to reading your blog and hope you know that the many people who will read it will take great comfort, joy and I’m sure many debatable thoughts on your spilling.
    Good luck and I look forward to reading more. X


  2. In my opinion, the best thing about writing, is that it can transport you to your own little world, just like when you read a great book! Best of luck with your blog!! 🙂 x


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