Moving Back Home


By the title you can guess what this post is about, through lack of anything interesting in my life happening at the moment (other than complaining about the price of cardboard boxes and amount of crap we actually have to pack up) i have resulted to just a standard update of what’s happening in my life right now.

First of all, me and john have not split up, he will be moving in also, which he is far more excited for than i am as he doesn’t know what is yet to come. I moved out officially (by which i mean actually bothered to take the furniture and not just a suitcase full and stop for weeks at a time) last christmas when my first early present was the keys to john’s house, so i was no longer staying there for ages and then coming back home when i wanted my clothes washed. Living on my own has been the best thing i’ve done, i have a much better relationship with my parents and i can actually use a washing machine now. Having my own independence and doing everything for myself has matured me so much and with John being a lot older than me anyway we make the perfect team in our little home. Although when i moved in john literally was living like a frat boy with a mattress on the floor with just his tv and fridge, he didn’t turn his nose up when cushions started to appear, along with candles and plants and everything else that i literally owned. A year on and we do have our own perfect little home, it’s great but it is too expensive.

Although we love the house we are in, even though the landlord has done a shit job (he poured concrete on top of tiled floor and used grout instead of sealant) we are now planning on buying our own house. We need a three bedroom home now, around 6 months ago we decided to start our own family, there are many factors that contributed to this decision so it wasn’t just an idea we had randomly, we planned it properly and 3 months ago i fell pregnant. I’m not going to go into this on this post as it is supposed to be just a light update and i don’t need to depress anyone on an already dark and moody monday, but unfortunately at 9 weeks we miscarried and this is still a sore subject so i will post about it at a later date. Anyway, we already live in a two bed house with myself, john and john’s son for three/four days of the week so eventually when we do have another child we will need to have a bigger house anyway, not to mention luna isn’t meant to be in this one so constantly trying to keep a giant howling pooping machine a secret is extremely difficult and i don’t recommend. We are planning on buying our own home now so that we can not only have a project to focus on but to actually save money in the long run, living in the house we are in we spend around £1500 a month for a terrace with a bathroom that leaks and a garden fit for a drift of pigs (i literally just googled what the term for a group of pigs is, you learn something new everyday). So renting is no longer an option, however, like every normal couple we also don’t have 20k lying around for a deposit so in order to save up a substantial amount a month we shall be moving back into my family home (lord have mercy on my soul) for the next 6 months. So picture this, there will be me and john, a pair who have severe stomach problems and fight over the toilet and regularly shit themselves, two crazy puppies who spend half their time humping eachother against the glass doors, a woman who literally enjoys the one show, a man who snorts chilli, gets drunk and offends almost every person he see’s (even though he is usually always right) and a teenager (i don’t need to go into details to explain what horrific thing that means, besides if i did she’d probably make my life hell after reading this) and then occasionally a 13 year old who is smarter than the majority of the household anyway. So yes, pray for me. Weekdays we will be at my parents and then weekends we will be at john’s parents and hopefully in 6 – 8 months we will have moved into our own home, i literally cannot wait.

So right now my life consists around arguments of what stuff we want to keep and what stuff to chuck (john is a massive hoarder) as well as trying to get rid of any evidence that luna existed in the house as pets weren’t allowed and despite the lack of kitchen floor, holes in the garden and chewed up skirting boards, we are really hoping to get our deposit back…

I apologise for this post being majorly boring but i felt i needed to post something as it’s been a while but literally have nothing to say right now, besides writing this has taken up at least part of this boring ass rainy day where i’ve done nothing but binge watch shit American crime documentaries about wives who kill their husbands (taking notes just in case john decides he wants to keep one more bloody piece of clothing he bought when he was like 20 and hasn’t worn for 17 years but can’t chuck away). Also, thank you to everyone who commented and messaged me about my last post, hearing about people who are going through the same thing and have said my post has helped them find more options genuinely means a lot and i can’t believe how many people actually read it, so thank you.



5 thoughts on “Moving Back Home

  1. Good luck to all of you with the move back in with the parents. I hope all your dreams come true and you do get your own home and also get to start your own family.
    Hope you all have a very cosy christmas xxxxx. When it gets tuff just keep remembering your own place will be like a palace. Kay


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