The problem with Big Bloggers

I always find starting a blog post is the hardest part of actually keeping up a blog, finding a theme, setting up your social links and adding pictures is the fun bit. But actually sitting down and thinking of something to say is a completely different thing.2018-03-19 10.38.19 1

I have quite a few people who say to me they’d love to start a blog but they just don’t know what to blog about, truth is, neither do i.

Blogging is half about having a passion and talent for writing and half about building up the confidence to actually share yourself online. You could write a fantastic blog piece about ‘All the reasons kale is good for you’ or ‘How to become a ‘girl boss’ in ten days,’ the typical kind of blog post you’re likely to see get thousands of hits but is it personal? Unless that person is a kale farmer or really is making thousands in a few days, then no it isn’t.

So should you make a blog that’s personal and bare all to the world or should you stick to the generic ‘popular’ posts? I realise I am being very hypocritical here because I, like many others, find myself slipping into the cliché stereotypical blogging category a lot of the time (and probably with this post). But blogging should be a passion, it should be something you are proud of and can happily say ‘I wrote this’ or ‘I made this’ ‘I took this photo’ and people to look at it and know that that is truly you.1521202204118

Trouble is, in the past few months blogging has become a phenomenally large, saturated, hobby,  with hundreds of thousands of people competing for a space on the popular page. Because of this competitiveness the lesser known blogs are pushed under the carpet and just like everything else in society, the blogger behind the page begins to try to conform just to get noticed.

Do we not teach people to be themselves and be honest no matter what other people think? Do we not teach people that looks don’t matter? That we should be individuals?

So why is their post not good enough to get the attention?

Whether you are working on an old school hot pink flip Motorola (always wanted that phone) or a brand new Olympic pen. Or if you walk around with a rucksack of different lenses and a camera that weighs more than your entire body, every single individual puts time and effort into the content they create.

It’s not a secret that I know nothing about photography, but the photos I take I try just as hard to make them look aesthetically pleasing as a professional would do. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get to pick the brains of Hayley and learn a bit more about taking high quality images but a lot of the time my content is mediocre.

It’s also no secret that I have the academic level of a goldfish and sometimes can’t seem to even get my words in the right order before a large cup of tea in the morning, but when I sit and write a post I put myself into it, grammatical errors and all.

IMG_20180317_095610_343The problem is however, in the last few months I put all this effort in and I don’t get anything out of it. Instead I see more and more beautifully taken photos by hired photographers in luxurious backgrounds surrounded by the biggest fruit spread dominating the popular page leading to a blog post on……. ‘How to gain 100k followers by just being you.’ But you read the post, you see the photo and it is completely hypocritical. You’re telling people to hire a photographer, is that being you? You’re saying to travel to these locations [Insert some amazingly expensive holiday you wouldn’t be able to afford to go on even if you sold your soul], is that being you? You’re saying photoshop yourself to show your curves and attract attention, is that being you? You’re advising to remove any necessities that everyone has in everyday life out of the image and only have high end, pretty looking objects in view, is that you? And most of all, is the entire blog post YOU? Because im sure we haven’t slipped into some Charlie brooker fantasy where everyone lives their life in a conformed list of instructions just yet.

It is disheartening when you put your real self out there and yet someone with 500k followers talking some utter shit about something they aren’t passionate about blocks out all your content altogether. Because that’s exactly what happens.

If your image doesn’t get a certain rate of engagement within the first 2 minutes, Instagram then blocks your photo from being discovered by people who haven’t engaged with you either; ever, or within the last 24 hours. That means around 60% of even your1521455157978 followers probably don’t see your posts, let alone finding any new followers. And if like me, you are shadowbanned (Instagram claim this is a glitch on their software) then no hashtags ever work on your photos and no exposure outside of your engaging followers is given. At all.

So ‘what’s the point in doing it?’ People say to me. I’ve heard so many people say ‘ I used to blog but I stopped because no one was reading my posts’ and honestly, I feel ya.

Sometimes I sit here trying to think of witty posts or come up with an idea that covers a topic that’s really popular at the minute in order to gain traffic to my blog or my Instagram, but then I read back and think, this isn’t me, this isn’t personal.

I want to look back in a few years and laugh like, ‘oh remember when we first got luna and she shat on my laptop because I took my favourite bra that she was chewing off her’ or cry because I remember the pain of losing my two babies. I want to look back and go ‘aww look how small they are here, remember when she just started sitting up?’ or ‘Gosh look at me complaining about being tired here when im legit dying of tiredness right now, I didn’t have a clue back then.’ I want to look back and remember my writing fondly, I don’t want to look back and read ‘5 self help books that cured me of depression’ because truth is in the future no one is going to care, I’m the only one who is going to care and im going to regret getting a few thousand views on that verses a funny update that reminds me of a great time or a feeling.

IMG_20180319_212906_025I’m not dissing ‘big’ bloggers, they work hard and they are great at it, they deserve the exposure they get but what i’m trying to say is don’t change yourself or your blog to conform with them just because they are popular.

You wanna write a blog on how your dog’s poo progresses through life? You do it. You want to write a diary entry documenting your mental illness in the most personal way possible? You do it. You want to share you latest tinder date in every gory detail? You do it. You write about what you want to write about, write what you enjoy and what you know that ten years into the future you can look back on and say ‘I’m so glad I wrote that, Id completely forgotten about it!’ Don’t write for someone else.

If your blog isn’t getting great views, that’s okay, it doesn’t mean its shit. It doesn’t mean you should change and fit in to ‘what’s popular.’ So please, please, please, if you want to blog but are scared no one will read it, just do it! Do it for yourself. If you already have a blog and are unmotivated by it and low about it, please keep going because you started it for a reason.  Remember the reason why you considered blogging in the first place? Was it to ‘get rich quick?’ probably not. It was to express yourself, share yourself and have a little place on the internet that’s all yours. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of it.




You-do-you[I do not own this image]


As a way for bloggers to gain exposure I have recently started up my ‘Introducing…’ series, so if you are interested in being a guest post on my blog in order to reach a further/different audience please check out my page and show your interest or let know on Instagram.

Thank you to everyone who has already applied to be a part of the series, you guys are what makes it worthwhile!

Introducing Brief

29 thoughts on “The problem with Big Bloggers

  1. This is so good!! So true. It’s hard to compete with these other bloggers that are hiring photographers and going on crazy vacations, but even if just one person is touched or gains something from your blog, it’s worth it! Keep going and keep being you!!

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  2. Hey Chloe, I’m a non starter on the blogging front, will be paying for my WP account again before I’ve even published 🙈. You may have prompted me to get on with it, regardless of any potential (or not) reach!!! Xx

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  3. I’m so glad you wrote this, I feel the exact same way! It’s hard to get noticed when you’re trying to be yourself and not conform to the “norm”. Will definitely be sending you an email soon!

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  4. This was quite an interesting post to read. I just started blogging about four-ish months ago and –while I knew it was going to be difficult– I am still adjusting to how much time it actually takes to maintain a blog, because it’s not just the blog; it’s the social media channels, and Facebook groups, and tweeting, and Instagram!

    A little suggestion for Instagram though — make sure you aren’t using the same hashtags every time you post!

    Thanks for sharing! x



    1. Thank you! Tell me about it, there’s so much work involved that you don’t realise. I’m still trying to figure out how to use everything haha. Thank you for reading xx


  5. This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while. You took the words right out of my brain. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with blogging since it has become such an insanely saturated industry lately, and now I know I need to just keep doing it for me! I make no money off of it and probably never will, but I love to write and it keeps me busy! I love blogging! I’m totally subscribing to your blog. It’s one of the most real blogs I’ve come across that’s also not sloppy and hard to read. it really looks like you care about your page and your readers but are still super authentic and true to yourself which I LOVE. Please never change, just do YOU and keep doing YOU and keep creating amazing content that represents YOU and people like ME will continue to love it and read it!


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  6. This is so motivating I need to bookmark it and read it when I’m getting frustrated…I 100% agree with you. When I’m scrolling through Instagram I feel like i’ll never ever stand out compared to hired photographers and photoshop. Some of them even get lucky to have some family member that takes beautiful photos. Meanwhile, I’ll be here with my tripod taking pictures of myself with an iPhone and a remote trying to express to the world my style and knowledge to add to the beauty community… 💕

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    1. I completely agree, its so disheartening isn’t it trying to compete, think when we finally decide to not compete is when it’ll all fall into place. Thank you for reading xx


  7. Thank you! So nice to see someone write a honest article on blogging, getting a bit sick of seing the same article “how I made 10k my first month of blogging!” everywhere! It is so easy to get carried away and forget that we blog out of passion first!

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  8. This post was so relatable. When I first thought about blogging I was definitely down because I wanted to make enough money to stay home with my kids. But as I got into it, I realized I’m not that person and it would be so disingenuous and unauthentic for me to only write posts that I didn’t really have much knowledge or was even passionate about. I love being able to go back when I’ve finished and air pat myself on the back because I was happy with my work. Plus the unauthentic posts are the hardest ones to write! I do wish I was able to get more exposure and while I monetized my blog to try to make some profit for it, the money is just sugar on top and not my driving force.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  9. I have a lot of respect for everyone who hustles, big bloggers and little ones. It takes a lot of work for all! I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment to stay true to yourself, even in your online persona. I hope others can see I am doing that for myself now, and I hope I keep doing it no matter what. Nice to see you are, too.

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  10. It is sooo easy to get discouraged by big bloggers and their shiny and seemingly perfect lives and photos. I often find myself comparing myself to them as well, but then I remember that they all had to start somewhere as well. Sometimes we need to just keep going, even if we aren’t seeing any ROI. We will one day! Keep at it and keep being you 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes totally I always keep in mind the fact that everyone had to start somewhere and you just have to be true to yourself and it’ll pay off xx


  11. The last few weeks I have been struggling with blogging. The more I read about what I should and shouldn’t do from the professionals the more I feel immobilized. I start at my screen and have no idea what to write. I am torn between being real and just letting my words flow from the heart, and writing some catchy “5 things you must know about such n such”. Consequently, I spend so much time second-guessing myself that I don’t write anything. I can’t sell courses on how to blog or ebooks on how to drive Pinterest to your sight, because I do not believe I am enough of an authority and ethically will not charge people for something I pretty much copied from someone else. I’m brand new to the blogging world, but it was pretty easy to see the patterns right away. Thanks for posting this. I’m glad I am not alone in this feeling.

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    1. Thank you for your reply! I totally get you, sometimes I just think, why am I doing this? But then I sit and look over what I’ve written and it gives me clarity, I see that it’s not for everyone else but for myself xxx

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      1. Exactly! I just had a “come to Jesus talk” with myself. Haha! I just changed my focus… this is my online journey. People can read it… or not. But, if I touch just one person… make a difference in 1 life, that’s good enough. The rest is up to chance (and persistent hard work). As it is with most things, people crave Authenticity. If you keep it and stay true to your own voice you will eventually shine above the rest. ❤️

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    2. Hi Rachel,

      I read your comment and was compelled to reply. I struggled with this myself. And I still do. I found myself feeling this way before I hit the launch button on my blog. And then I realized that there’s no way that I could write about blogging in way that brought in sales. I can’t fake what I write about. So I just write whatever comes to heart and try to find a catchy title. The posts of mine that really do well with traffic have been my monthly goals. But I don’t write them for anyone, I write my goals down in my blog to keep myself accountable and narrow my focus for the month and that typically helps. Just write from the heart girl and don’t let the big blogger discourage you! Besides we don’t actually know how much money they’re really bringing in anyway!

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  12. I love this post. I feel absolutely the same struggles. Being a food blogger the pressure is real to take absolutely perfect photos. I’m still learning, but for me I’m realizing the most important thing is to be authentic. Of course it’s lovely to look at these polished photos, but I think to inspire people to get into the kitchen, or into whatever your interests are, you want to show them the real side of it. Not everything comes out perfectly, and that’s ok! Such a great message!

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