With the frustration myself and many other bloggers or instagrammers have felt because of the dreaded Instagram Armageddon i decided that i was going to start a little series. Once a week i will be featuring a guest post from a new blogger for them to share themselves and their blog with you guys.

Sometimes the difference between feeling positive about your blog and feeling deflated is just a little exposure.

As a blogger myself i can identify with the deflation and negative emotion one can feel because you’ve spent ages composing a post and perfecting your photography for hardly anyone to see it. And so by sharing various platforms it gives someone, who otherwise may not have ever seen your content to stumble across your talent and the work you put so much effort into and a chance to widen our community!

If this series goes well i will be considering doing various events and meet ups as part of the ‘Introducing…’ series for likeminded bloggers and hard workers to not only get to know each other through the online medium but in real life too, where it could be the start of a great friendship.

I have attached a brief below of what i am looking for if you want to apply to join my ‘Introducing…’ series and be featured on my blog.

You can apply below or email me at:

Introducing Brief